These are recommended for before and after dancing.

Toe Touch: Spread your feet out to shoulder width. Touch the ground. Hold for 16 bars. To make it harder, try keeping your feet completely together or putting your hands flat on the ground.

One Legged Toe Touch: From the previous position, move your left leg back. Keep both legs straight and bend towards the ground over your right leg. Hold, switch, and repeat.

Calf Stretch: Stand against a wall, put one foot back, and push. Hold, switch, repeat. If you want to stretch your lower calf, bend the knee of the stretching leg slightly.

Quad Stretch: Keeping your balance with a chair or some such, pick up your right ankle with your right hand and gently pull up. Hold, switch, repeat.

Butterfly Stretch: Sit down and put the soles of your feet together. Pull them toward you and lean forward.