Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have openings in your classes? I have questions about the school. - email the teachers.

What should my child wear to a show, parade or feis? - check the public performances page.

How do I get to the show? - directions will be posted on the website.

Buying or selling a costume; getting new shoes - check the costumes page.

Making up a class, switching schools - check the attending classes page.

Can I switch my class time? I have a schedule conflict.
Yes, most times we are willing accommodate schedules. However, please either email or call either instructor to determine the best change.

Getting a new step, starting hard shoe dances - check the attending classes page.

What is a Feis?
A feis, pronounced fesh is an irish dance competition. Students are not required to compete. The plural of feis is feisanna. Here's more info about registering for and attending a feis.

Need music? - CDs of practice music are available for $6. Ask Maureen or Kathy.