Dó Cairde Costumes

General Comment about Costumes:
Maureen or Kathy will speak to all new beginner parents about when your child is ready for a costume. At this point, it is your decision whether to purchase a skirt or dress. There may be the option to buy a used costume.

For Boys:
Black pants and socks
White dress shirt
Black dance shoes can be purchased at dance stores
Black ties can be purchased at uniform stores
Please give the tie to Maureen or Kathy for embroidering the Do Cairde shamrock on it.

Skirt Costume for Girls: recommended for beginners
White poodle socks
Black skirt
Black leotard
Green shawl
Black bloomers

Dress Costume for Girls: no age or skill level required to purchase a dress
Black tights
Two-piece black velvet top, green skirt with shawl
Black bloomers

Purchasing a Used Do Cairde Dress or Skirt:
Please notify Kathy or Maureen that your daughter is interested in a dress or a skirt. When a costume comes up for sale, it will be brought to school for trying on. If it is suitable, pay the owner by check which can be delivered by Maureen or Kathy. Please keep in mind that Kathy and Maureen act only as a delivery service and not a brokerage. It may also take some time for the right sized dress to come on the market.

Selling a Used Do Cairde Dress or Skirt:
Please bring the costume on a hanger to class. On a card or paper, please indicate your name, telephone, email address, and asking price. Maureen and Kathy will take the dress to anyone interested in it. Once the costume is sold, the check will be either be mailed or delivered to you.

Purchasing a New Do Cairde Dress or Skirt:
Please notify Kathy or Maureen that you are interested in purchasing a school dress or skirt. A new skirt and shawl costume costs $50 payable at time of measurement. A new dress costume costs $500 with half due at time of measurement. The balance is due upon delivery. Lead time for new costumes can vary, so please plan ahead.

Helpful Hints for Do Cairde Costumes:
"Diamonds" for costumes can be purchased at Michaels or A.C. Moore craft stores.
Attach them with super glue and let dry for 24 hours.
Diamonds do come off during trips to the dry cleaners. Dry clean first and then reattach diamonds.
If the shawl keeps coming off, use a safety pin where it attaches at the top. Be sure to take a couple extra pins to feisanna.

New Shoes - hard or soft
Contact Tom Sheehan with Fays Shoes at 610-604-0699. Shoes can also be purchased online at www.fayshoes.com or www.rutherfordshoes.com or at a feis.

Solo Dresses:
Once a student reaches the "novice" level of competition, she is not required to wear the Do Cairde school dress. Solo dresses can be purchased from displays at feisanna or from various websites. www.dance-again.com has ads and pictures of used solo dresses for sale. New solo dresses can be custom-designed from one of many dressmakers.

The embroidery on the school dancewear is done by Monogram Specialities. They perform all sorts of custom embroidery and can be reached at 302-292-2424.